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Welcome to the land of Terres!
Eons ago, a powerful occult known as the archemages attempted to open up a portal to a demon world, now known as the archeworld, in order to control the inhabitants and use them as slaves for war. Their means of controlling and manipulating the demons rested on the Talisman of Repentance. However, little did they know, it needed souls of demons to function. With demons unleashed into our world and no means of controlling them, the archemages were slaughtered one by one, and the demons slipped away into hiding.

Your sister has long been away on a honeymoon with her mysterious and dark husband Eavo. You worry about her every night. As fate has it, a captain arrives, as does hope of bringing you back together with your sister.

Experience an exanspive landscape filled with:

  • 50+ Dungeons to test your skills
  • Failable side quests to add an edge of peril
  • A deep story filled with rich lore and history
  • Nonlinear sidequests complete with unique dungeons and bosses
  • Heavily interactive environment

This game is currently in alpha, and as such updates pushed to the public will be scarce at the moment. A demo will be available soon with all of chapter one included. Feedback and critisism is heavily appreacated! 

Published Jun 29, 2014
AuthorSylphic Games
GenreRole Playing